Nuestro Mar Vibra – Artec Studio

Content Creation, Media Art

Memories of the Mediterranean sun

Nuestro Mar Vibra (Our Sea Vibrates) is a light artwork by Maurici Ginés evocative of a fragmented vision of the dawn and the reflection of the Sun in the Mediterranean sea.

The light art was presented in ‘Luz Madrid 2021’ (Madrid Light Festival) and was possible thanks to the collaboration of Simon Group, promoter of the artwork.

Located in the South Patio of Conde Duque, the artwork infused with lighting and sound effects aimed to transport visitors to the mediterranean coast and fill them with vital energy.

The artist´s work explores the synergy between design, art and people through the medium of light, developing interactive, sensory experiences, arrtworks and lighting identities.

Comissioned: Simon, Luz Madrid 
Author: Maurici Ginés
Collaboration of: Simon
Technical partner: @lumaliastudio
Sound: @exotikdot
Event: Luz Madrid 2021
Photo: @imagensubliminal

“Heart Lamp”

Media Art

Product design and prototype of a lamp connected to a heartbeat sensor that allows it to beat thanks to the Arduino board that is integrated into its pot. It also incorporates melted methacrylate experimentation to achieve the blade that acts as a rib.


White methacrylate.


Oak wood

ABS for 3D printing.

Power cable

Simple plug.


Arduino board.

Heart rate sensor.

Light bulb.