MEVA: Memòria d’Espai Viscuda Arxivada


In a neighborhood as peculiar as Urbanizació Meridiana, the proposal begins with a comunication problem. Residents have gradually distanced themselves and, in many cases, they lost contact. Urban space is not just what is limited to a conventional map, the urban space is the true set of factors that live spaces with many types of actions that turn the city into a social space. The proposal is based on the sharing of memory as a connecting link used to recover the feeling of belonging. To do this, the citizens will play a key role because they will be able to contribute in the content of a digital platform. The main difference with any other platform is the added ability to connect information through a Machine Learning assistant. It’s specifically configured to learn from each dialogue and relate content so that, like belongingness, it can increase its complexity as information is added. Another way to work with memory in times of social distancing.

Web design, photography, concept and development.